Good evening people,

Rainy days in Pereira.  This isn’t technically a rain forest as far as I know but you wouldn’t know it by the rain we’ve had.  Heck, it is even raining as I type.  I can hear it rolling off the roof.

Things have been fun here.  Mariana had their halloween party at school yesterday.  What a life!  Mom, remind me…did we ever have halloween parties where you got to wear your costume into school?  Well Nana did.  Yesterday she was Snow White…and only 1 of 2 Snow Whites in the class.  By far the most popular costume that I saw was Elsa (Frozen) 3 of those in class.  Also for the boys, Spiderman (3 of those as well).  Things are a little different down here and you see costumes on children that I couldn’t even imagine at home.  Some of the costumes are really clever.  It is way more of a party atmosphere down here with Halloween than at home.  I couldn’t believe it.  I hadn’t thought about it but I’ve never been down here this time of year.  Class picture below:

This is the kindergarden class.  Note my little snow baby!

This is the kindergarden class. Note my little snow white…my baby, center of attention!  The little dracula to the left is my daughters nemesis.  Always complaining about “the other Santiago”  Funny!

Met up with Adri and herman today for a late lunch.  I love those guys!  They know where all the goo restaurants are!  We went to a place called “Brasilero”!  UGH!  My new favorite restaurant in Colombia.  We will be going back before we leave.  Anyone who knows Fogo de Chao in Minneapolis, well, same thing!  They keep bringing the meat out to you!  Different types of meat all barbecued!  If you cant tell…I am enamored of that place.  Santiago sat next to me.  That kid made out like a bandit!  At the salad bar, they had fried bananas.  You heard me!  They were spectacular!  I remember having fried bananas for breakfast when my buddy Rico and I went on vacation to Venezuela many years ago.  I haven’t had fried bananas this good since then.  But fried bananas and Steak, what more could a 1 year old need?  It was all he wanted!!!  Don’t judge me!

Afterwards, we picked up Nana from school and went to Claudia’s uncle Daniel & Dora’s house.  Good times.  We packed our swimming suits and the kids and I hung out at the pool along with Daniella (2nd cousin that Mariana gets along very well with).  Daniella is 9 and attends an English immersion Catholic school.  Pretty cool.  So we attempted to speak English the whole night.  It was fun.  Mariana still practicing, trying to learn how to swim.  The kids pool was really shallow so she could practice the method but still her hands could touch the floor.  I think that was good to help her confidence a bit.  Lil’ Man loves the water.  2 days in a row with Papi in the pool.  This kid has it made!

Oct 31.

Rained today…shocking I know.  But it caused us to stay home this morning.  We had made plans to go to Salento again but it is better that we didn’t.  I mean it REALLY rained.  In the afternoon we went back to uncle Daniel’s house.  Claudia’s cousin Viviana & her husband Giordano live there as well.  Vivi is the mother of Daniella.  The neighborhood had quite a party for the kids.  Several inflatable and other activities.  The place was crazy.  I dare say I have never seen anything like that in the US.  Quite a community event.  Afterwards we went back to their house and visited for awhile.  Then it was on to meet Adri and the kids again to give them some halloween treats that we brought for them.  The streets of Pereira were packed with people wandering all dressed up.  I made the mistake of NOT hearing Claudia while driving and ended up driving right down town.  Traffic was horrible.  Cars couldn’t move because of all the people walking around.  Again, a community event.  Children and young adults alike, all dressed up.  One costume freaked me out a bit.  Some teenager had contacts in that made the whites of his eyes black and the pupils white!  Really weird!  But I suppose, you would rather hear what the costume was for little man…wouldn’t you?  Well, we weren’t prepared.  We didn’t bring anything from home because we were concerned about sizes and all that.  Plus we had enough on our plates to get out of town that we let iron fall out of the fire.  We went downtown and looked at all sorts of option.  We were really sold on a lizard costume for awhile but got into a haggling battle over price and walked away.  We walked out of that store and immediately walked into this costume.  Now understand, I’ll bet there were a ton of these costumes at home but he was the only one I saw here today.

Lil' man!  This is the longest he has worn anything on his head

Lil’ man! This is the longest he has worn anything on his head

Traditional Colombian dresses "Chapoleras"

Traditional Colombian dresses “Chapoleras”

Papi & the minion

Papi & the minion

Of course, she must spin

Of course, she must spin


LIttle halloween drama

Evelio Jarramillo:  A Little halloween drama

Ok, I’ve been told I’ve been typing too much and nobody will actually read this…it that is true, I am sorry.  When we print it out when this blog is done…I’m sure my son will read it some day.

Anyway.  I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.  Pictures of Mariana didn’t turn out too well and I will have more pictures of minion boy too.