As those of you can tell who have been following this blog, time is getting short.  This past week has been fairly hectic.  We have been running all around trying to get ready to leave.  It was our last weekend in town, so we wanted to spend time with family and friends of course…which made us put our travel prep on hold justifiably so.  And to be honest, travel prep is REALLY boring and tedious.  But lets back up a bit…

I mentioned I would attach some additional halloweenie pictures.  So here are a couple:

Mi princesa

Mi princesa

halloween show with cousin Danielle

halloween show with cousin Danielle

Mami and the minion

Mami and the minion


MMMMMMM…SUGAR!  Gross..i the middle was a gummy worn.  Never thought of that and I am disturbed that someone else did.

Monday Nov 2, we went to Uncle Daniel’s finca near Viterbo.  We have always enjoyed going there and this time was no different.  Many of Dora’s (Daniel’s wife) sisters and brothers were there as well.  We’ve gotten to know many of them over the years and they have always been very nice people.  Claudia’s parents were there as well and we all got to talk and introduce lil’ man to everyone.  He was quite the star that day.  A couple of pictures…mainly focused on the pool since that is where lil’ man and princesa spent most of their time.

Will anyone at least try to look at the camera and seem happy???

Will anyone at least try to look at the camera and seem happy???

Ah...much better

Ah…much better


unhappiness…UGH, who knows what drama was happening there!

Life makes sense with a sucker in to a pool wouldn't you say?

Life makes sense with a sucker in hand…next to a pool wouldn’t you say?

Grandpa got Santi to show off his mad walking skills...with bribery of the cell phone

Grandpa got Santi to show off his mad walking skills…with bribery of the cell phone

Bribery…whatever works I suppose.

So, that was some of the fun of the weekend.  We also had a trip on Sunday to a town called Belem.  There was a resort we went to with Adri and Herman.  It was a good day trip and we spent some fun time together.  Not much for pictures though, sorry.  I wasn’t really in the mood that day for pictures for whatever reason.


Birth certificate

Tuesday the process continued.  Claudia and I met up with Elena (the Lawyer) to get the new birth certificates.  I am please to announce that Santiago Francis Chase is now officially the name and we have about 10 certificates stating so.  Remember the drama from a couple weeks ago where they screwed up the name not just once, but twice in 2 different ways (Chase Jr. & No Middle name).  Those were a stressful couple days.  But, we are all done with the lawyer now which is good thing.  One thing to note; from the first process with Mariana, getting the new birth certificate was so much easier this time around.  Not sure exactly what changed but it was so much smoother.  Now it was time to move on to the passport…


Wednesday.  We went down early to the passport office at the recommendation of someone who works in the office.  We learned that there was a special office for adoption passports.  This was HUGE news since the last time we went we were in with the masses and with a 1 year old was awful.  Even when we walked in sometime around 8 am, the place was a zoo.  What a relief when we asked where to go at the information desk, the pointed us out of that area down the stairs.  Keeping lil’ man entertained in that area might have proved to be tricky.  We went downstairs to a dark dingy office to find a very friendly man and woman working in the office who greeted us all with smiles.  As they were typing the required information into the computer, they wanted to know our whole life story regarding the adoption.  They were so friendly, it made the fact that we were in a government office irrelevant.  When time came for Santi’s picture, he was feeling a bit squirrelly and the lady taking the photo snapped at a perfect time.  He will have the most beautiful passport photo ever.  That smile is huge and infectious.  I’ll take a picture of the picture when we get it back (tomorrow).  We were commenting how hard it was to get him to smile during the 1 year photos…but for passport???  Ear to ear!

Today…Thursday.  Had the home owner come by and kindof inspect the house before we leave.  Pointed out a few problems and we paid the remaining portion that we owed.  Very nice lady (Marisol) who brought her dad to do some maintenance.  Anyone traveling to Colombia in the Pereira / Armenia region, I would highly recommend this house.  Great family to work with and a very nice home.  Lunch with the inlaws and Mercedes today at our house.  They knew today was clean-up day so they brought lunch for us.  Home run!  Ribs!!!!  Awesome!  Then dinner tonight at Adri & Herman’s….Lasagna!  I proudly confess…I am coming home fat!

Well, I think that is it for tonight.  Claudia is in the other room packing so I think I should join her.  Tomorrow is our last day here in Pereira so we have quite a bit to do before leaving.  I will do my best to keep the blog updated for those who are keeping track.

God Bless!